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Creative problem Solving (4th Part of the ‘Lose to Win Programme’)

March 29, 2012

Albert Einstein is quoted as having said:

“If I had an hour to save the world
I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem
and one minute finding solutions”Image

Regrettably many people are running around spending sixty minutes finding solutions to irrelevant problems (that don’t matter).” They often are stuck in one problem and do not know how to step out of it (Which is another problem). Yes, every day we all are confronted with problems and thus our success rate of solving the issue is  depending on our mindset with which we approach the problem. Of course, we need a positive mindset and confidence to master the problem. Many people approach the problem with a negative mindset [e.g.: “My boss will say no to my request”, “I will not be able to solve this issue with my parents” ] – consequently they will not be able to creatively solve any problems.

Therefore, if we want things to be different we need to do things differently, think of things in different ways! We also call this attitude: “Think out of the box”, which requires to shift our outlook from what is always or usually done to what could be done!

In this fun filled workshop participants learnt the importance of understanding and defining the ‘real” problem to get “unstuck”. They easily have comprehended the importance of generating options when trying to solve the problem  (e.g: Do I do my excercise in the early morning, at lunch time or after working hours to maintain my healthy weight?). After that they were evaluating all their options in order to decide on a “best” solution (which is not always a perfect solution). Finally participants decided to implement a solution and promised to  revisit their decision from time to time  how it went.

“Another enjoyable and fruitful ‘Mental Wellbeing’ session with Dr Auer. Thanks for sharing the ‘Creative Problem solving’ with us”.


Another Feedback (10.04.2012):

“Hallo Dr Wolff. This is A…. here who attended LTW mental health class on tuesday at HPB. Thank you for your enlightenment on issues regarding self-esteem and identifying the root of problems. I really brought back with me a new fountain of knowledge after your class. Just to let you know you have made a difference in my life. Thank you =)”