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Training with and Learning from the Best!

April 19, 2012

Couples & Family Therapy

Training with and Learning from the Best!

Dr.  Jeffrey Zeig is acknowledged as one of the leaders in the field of psychotherapy (counseling).

He has published more than 20 books, and has taught psychotherapy in 40 countries. He is the founder of, which is world renown for providing education for professionals. He has taught many Master Classes in New York City in the past years, which is an indication of its popularity. He also has taught Master Classes in Europe and Asia. They are only open to advanced clinicians and/or licensed health professionals who are trained in hypnosis.

These experiential Master classes are limited to 12 attendees (I happened to be one of them) – a condition which also applied to the course in Singapore some years ago when Dr Zeig came to Singapore.

The recent Seminar (April 2012) with Jeffrey K.Zeig, Ph.D was about ‘The utilization of Ericksonian Methods in Couples and Family Therapy’.

It became clear to me that Ericksonian methods offer ways to empower both individuals and (family) systems. In fact techniques from hypnosis, like reframing, posthypnotic suggestions without trance, and the use of imagery and metaphors, can be applied in systemic therapy – without the usage of ‘formal’ hypnosis. This approach is a perfect fit to John Gottman’s couples’ approach, who is renowned for his work on marital stability and divorce prediction and Dr. Helen’s Fischer’s findings on the biological aspects of love (love as a drive not an emotion).


Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D & Dr W.von Auer

Power up your Mind! – Cognitive Efficacy (HPB’s Mind Journey Programme)

April 15, 2012


Full House at Bishan NLB (14 April 2012) – Participants writing their Feedbacks

Power up your mind! Think Clearly!

Can’t find your apartment keys? Can’t remember your ATM -Pin? Can’t decide what to do in a challenging situation? When it comes to “thinking matters” boosting your memory and sharpen your thinking skills can be helpful to prevent memory loss or dementia.

Think clearly  and effectively in our daily living – this is what we call COGNITIVE EFFICACY.

It means being able to understand, analyse, plan, remember, and respond successfully to different situations. This includes adopting a step-by-step approach to challenges and in weighing the pros and cons of various courses of actions before making decisions. With good cognitive efficacy, we are able to make rational decisions and deal with life’s challenges effectively. We will also be able to achieve our goals.

This workshop makes people aware that there are many ways of looking at things as there are people. To function effectively you  need to be able to understand the way in which you interprets the world (and your life). Thus you have to become aware about what you think, what you see, how you interpret everyday events, people etc. In other words you need to understand your cognition or thoughts!

In this workshop Dr von Auer teaches you ‘how your thoughts tick’, ‘how to make the right decisions’, ‘how to improve your memory and boost your thinking capability and how to metally stimulate yourself’.

Here are some comments from participants:

“Dr Wolff is well versed in this area. He has presented this talk in a simple, easily understandable manner.He added humour to make the talk interesting”

“Thinking, Feeling, Behavior are the 3 key elements for mental wellbeing, Good workshop”


Mind Journey is a mental well-being programme for adults. Organised by the Health Promotion Board, the programme aims to provide individuals with know how and skills to optimise their well-being. Through a series of 4 workshops, participants will learn about mental well-being through role playing, videos, and humorous interactive activities. (For more info, visit:

Lose to Win – Mental Wellbeing Workshop

April 13, 2012

Getting started with ‘Goal setting’


Participants from Bukit Panjang CC

Dr von Auer, Singapore’s well-known motival speaker and Mind Counselor welcomed the participants to their ‘Weight Losing Journey’ also called ‘Lose to Win (LTW) Programme’. This HPB programme consists of 4 training sessions i.e. (1) Getting started: Goal Setting, (2) Self Esteem matters, (3) Emotion Matter, (4) Creative problem Solving and nutritional components as well as physical exercise element.

The 4 sessions are components of mental well-being and participants became in a very humorous way aware that only with good mental wellbeing one can achieve weight loss. Mastering or improving  these 4 components will help participants to achieve their goals for example weight loss or improving their blood pressure.

The participants were very motivated to achieve their weight loss targets and promised to remind themselves of their motivations, their reasons why they “do it now”. Many of the participants discovered the importance of setting effective goals. Initially many said, they want to lose weight but they didn’t specify how much weight, in what time and how they are going to do it.. They learned that the acronym ‘SMART’ is the answer for them to set effective goals.  SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable,Attainable, Realistic and Timely

As a homework they were requested  a) to spend some time setting themselves some programme goals, e.g.: what do you want to achieve at the end of the programme (lose 3 inches waistline, have an improved heart rate,  brisk walk 5 k without getting exhausted etc.)? What behavior do I want to change? They further were asked b) to monitor their physical, emotional and behavioral progress.