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Singapore’s Captains of Lives (COL’s)

November 27, 2012

Dr Wolff von Auer  & Deputy Superintendent

I was positively surprised how optimistic these brave Prison Officers at Admiralty West Prison are viewing their personal life – despite their though working environment. Although they are facing inmates every day and are permanently dealing with the darker side of society, they don’t let these matters affect their optimistic spirit.

These COL’s optimistically believe that these inmates have the potential to turn over a new leaf.

The responsible Deputy Superintendent and the Prison Officers  enjoyed Dr Wolff von Auer’s interactive mental health talk  on learning practical optimism .

Psychopaths – New workshop!

November 6, 2012



At some point in Life you will come across someone who displays the key characteristics of a Psychopath!

Maybe it is one of you Facebook friends, maybe your colleague, maybe your boss, maybe your spouse etc.  This unique workshop will teach you about psychopaths: what makes them tick and why the behave the way they do and what we can do about it. You’ll be equipped to spot warning signs of a (potential) “Psycho” and how they operate in different environments and roles – and the best way to defend yourself.

Interested? Then   contact:  now!