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Deception Detection – Unveiling the Truth!

April 18, 2013

Extremely popular workshop!

Become a human Lie Detector!

You will probably be a little mechanic when you first try out the techniques I’m teaching. After a while, though, you’ll find yourself sensitized to the signals of deception and stress. Your new skill will help you to become a better lie detector. In particular on a non-verbal level,you will pick up that a person is too slick, is too glossy, and therefore must be hiding something. Alarm bells will go off in your head that signal “Lie, Lie Lie”!  And with this knowledge you will uncover the truth!

“Dr Wolff is delightful engaging.

Importantly he has reminded me on the interpretation of human behavior”

(Prosecutor, Ministry of Manpower)


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This Workshop is also available as an In-house Training Course

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Counseling Skills for Non-Counselors!

April 16, 2013

New workshop!

This is a workshop for all  people who, without  psychological training, must deal in their lives and in their regular work with individuals who can be troubled as much by tiny as by disastrous life events.

If you the HR Manager, the Supervisor,Executive  etc  are the primary resource for your employee’s  everyday troubles, what can you do to prepare yourself better to respond in such unpredictable situations? How can you, without extensive psychological training, improve your ability to tap into the energy of your common sense and human understanding in order to respond effectively to those individuals who come for emotional help?

Indeed, You need to know something more than how to say “Stop worrying”!

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The Art of Covert (Hypnotic) Persuasion in the Business World!

April 15, 2013

Hypnotic Suggestive Communication in any Settings! 

Psychological concepts have discovered a correlation between human communication and hypnosis. Hypnosis has provided a way where people can influence each other ‘s process of decision making. This is what one would call hypnotic communication whereby the aim is to covertly persuade!

Persuading people is encouraging  people to agree with an idea, a product or a service. The application of covert persuasion (or you could say: hypnotic communication) is very evident in the advertisement business. What’s their secret? Advertising makes great use of suggestive techniques to influence potential targets to buy or do something.


This workshop is not about walking up to people performing hypnotic rituals and having someone fall into a deep eye closed trance. That would serve no purpose in real life.

This workshop is about utilizing covert communication tools of (clinical) Hypnosis in a  “wide awake” business environment. The Art of persuasion is about covertly creating change in the mind of your business partner or client (of course without eye closure!) without him/her necessarily being aware of the changes that are occurring.

Ultimately you will understand that most business people try to influence the conscious mind of the prospective customer and that is why most of them fail in persuasion in general!

(Hypnotic) Communication that persuades is a vital component for success in the business world. Thus the principles of effective communication can either make or brake a business deal.



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Can you spot a liar?

April 14, 2013

Malicious lies are harmful and dangerous costly!

This workshop provides professionals with a rare opportunity to enhance their investigative skills. Missing deceptions can be extremely hurtful and costly! Participants will acquire knowledge and skills on how to get behind the mask of deception and unveil the truth.

With some hours of training, people can drastically improve their lie-detection skills, conceivably raising their overall rate to nearly 70 to 80%!

Nonverbal  behavioral mistakes are made during the act of lying, which is why these lies fail! We call these mistakes ‘deception clues or leakages’. They maybe shown in a change of facial expression, a slight movement of the body, a change in tone of voice,  a visible swallowing,  a long pause, a micro facial expression, or a unusual gesture.


 The face is the main screen for the display of emotions. When we lie, we often cannot do much to prevent the underlying felt emotion (e.g. shame, guilt, fear) from revealing itself subconsciously. Facial expressions occur voluntarily and involuntarily– therefore lying and telling the truth happens often at the same time. We of course look at the latter ones: Liars often don’t realize how obvious their real feelings leak out.


In addition every individual

has Micro-Expressions (=brief involuntary facial expressions shown on the face). They occur when people repress or conceal their emotions. Nobody can fake micro expressions– but everybody can learn to recognize them.

Liars mostly rehearse their words and not their body positions.We are seldom aware that our entire bodies reveal, mostly subconsciously, thousands of  subtle cues that contradict our spoken words. To a trained person, these subconscious leaks provide a gold mine of information about the liar and ultimately lead to the truth.


“An eye-opener to the art of deception. It won’t be easy to deceive me now. A brilliant and useful programme”.

[…Legal Counsel, National Environment Agency]

“Thank you for this workshop because it enabled me to pick up the non-verbal clues during my investigative work to ascertain if my accused is lying”.

[…ProvostOfficer, Singapore Prison Service]

“Dr Wolff is delightful engaging, importantly he has reminded me on the interpretations of human behaviors”.

[…Prosecutor, Ministry of Manpower]

About The Trainer

Dr Wolff’s training in Psychotherapy and Ericksonian Approaches to Clinical Hypnosis taught him how to observe people’s eye movements, facial expressions, and body postures to discover their inner motivation and resistance. In addition – as a previous legally trained person – his approach includes adopting the Reid Technique of Advanced Interrogation & WZ Interview and Interrogation techniques to decode verbal and nonverbal in-congruence.

Also as an in-house course available: (+65) 818 22 637

Think Clearly and Effectively – Cognitive Efficacy

April 13, 2013

Power up your mind! Think Clearly!

Can’t find your apartment keys? Can’t remember your ATM -Pin? Can’t decide what to do in a challenging situation? When it comes to “thinking matters” boosting your memory and sharpen your thinking skills can be helpful to prevent memory loss or dementia.

Think clearly  and effectively in our daily living – this is what we call COGNITIVE EFFICACY.

It means being able to understand, analyse, plan, remember, and respond successfully to different situations. This includes adopting a step-by-step approach to challenges and weighing in the pros and cons of various courses of actions before making decisions.

With good cognitive efficacy, we are able to make rational decisions and deal with life’s challenges effectively. We will also be able to achieve our goals.

This workshop makes people aware that there are many ways of looking at things as there are people. To function effectively you  need to be able to understand the way in which you interpret the world (and your life). Thus you have to become aware about what you think, what you see, how you interpret everyday events, people etc. In other words you need to understand your cognition or thoughts!

In this workshop Dr Wolff  teaches you ‘how your thoughts tick’, ‘how to make the right decisions’, ‘how to improve your memory and boost your thinking capability and how to mentally stimulate yourself’.


Comments from participants:

“Dr Wolff is well versed in this area. He has presented this talk in a simple, easily understandable manner.He added humor to make the talk interesting”

“Thinking, Feeling, Behavior are the 3 key elements for mental well being”

“Good workshop”

Our Personnel Inner Reserve – RESILIENCE!

April 12, 2013

Our Personnel Inner Reserve – Resilience!

Resilience is an important element of Mental Well-being. Resilience refers to the idea of an individual’s tendency to cope with STRESS, CHANGE and ADVERSITY . We call this “bouncing back” to a state of “normal” functioning or even function better than expected.

Resilience implies that after an event, a person may not only be able to cope and recover, but also change to reflect different priorities from the (stressful, miserable) experience and prepare for the next stressful situation without getting mentally un-well.

In this workshop participants learn that Resilience (- INNER STRENGTH) is the most important defense people have against stress, failures, setbacks and losses (eg.: disasters, accidents, loss of loved ones etc.).

Can Resilience be learnt? Yes Yes Yes


Resilient people – like these wonderful  nurses – like to laugh a lot!

Humor at Work!!!

April 12, 2013

Enhance Profitability and Creativity with Humor at Work!

“When people at work get close to the edge, a humorous remark can make the difference between an office full of friends and / or a workplace full of enemies”


Why has humor become a recognized asset in the workplace? Because Humor facilitates communication, builds relationships, provides perspectives, promotes a healthy climate in the office and reduces stress.

According to Statistics’ estimates, lost work time due to stress related ailments costs employers $ billions a year. This is time lost resulting from absenteeism, lost productivity, disability claims and inadequate customer service.

Are you Interested in a workshop or a humorous lunch- talk? Call (+65) 818 22 637

To manage this growing problem, many companies/organisations are implementing workplace wellness programs. While many traditional programs have emerged, humor is an innovative approach. After incorporating humor into work, private and public companies experienced a 21% decrease in staff turnover and a 38% decrease in Friday absenteeism.

Using humor has the added benefits of enhancing rapport and building creative teams. It is also perceived by employees as a form of reward and recognition.


Do you go with your Gut-Feel?

April 12, 2013

Exciting new 1 day workshop! 

Do you go with your Gut -Feeling? 

We all like to think that we somehow possess instincts (gut-feel) that  alert us when a dangerous person approaches us or when we enter into an unfavorable situation  Often gut-feelings lead people to ignore rational signs that all is not okay. It’s these gut sensations that cause smart people to do seemingly unwise things,to engage in risky behaviors that earn them the kind of fame no one wants.

They become for example the victims of bad investments (Nothing in peoples’ gut feeling alerted them that Bernie Madoff was up to no good). Their false security about their ability to judge someone’s personality and intentions causes them to trust the very people they should not – con-men, psychopaths, spouse abusers etc. In reality, our instincts, often lead us to read people and situations incorrectly!

In this workshop participants will learn to identify and comprehend errors of intuitive judgments, which will lead to a  better decisions making process.

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Interested? Call (+65) 818 22 637

Optimism can be learned!

April 11, 2013

Interactive Mental Well-Being Talks like  ‘Learning Optimism to Manage Change’ can be great fun with the right keynote speaker!NEA 19 oct 12

Hence “Dr Wolff” ’will make the audience seeing the “lighter” side of a healthy (work) life.

He’ll prove to them that everyone can choose to become an optimist. He also makes people understand that Optimism plays an important role in keeping the brain healthy and vital too. He is able to convince his audience that being optimistic, staying positive helps to overcome challenges and to fight mental un-wellness (e.g. mood disorders).

Clients and Audiences love his humorous way!!!

activity NEA

“Your humor was clean, good- natured, and very, very funny… Your ability to drive home significant points on mental health made our lunch talk a big success! and we all had the last laugh!”     “Great inspiring talk”


April 11, 2013

Clinical Depression 

Dr Wolff, SAC Registered Counselor & Certified Hypnotherapist has dedicated a great deal of his professional life to support individuals in their fight with clinical depression. Bringing his sense of humor and experience together, he takes his audience on a roller coaster of laughter, painful truth and ultimately hope.


[Lunch Talk at STMicroelectronics]

Understanding Depression & Anxiety

This interactive talk (1 hr 15 Min) gives an idea how to detect and prevent mood disorders. Clinical Depression is one of the most common health conditions in Singapore.Thus the audience has to become aware that Depression isn’t a character flaw, nor is it something that one simply can escape from. They will learn that clinical Depression is a medical illness that involves the mind and body. They will understand that it affects how people think and behave, and that it can cause a variety of emotional and physical problems.

The participants will also become aware that people may not be able to go about their usual daily activities (and that they do not pretend to be unable). They will understand that clinical Depression and anxiety make them feel as if life just isn’t worth living anymore.

This interactive talk is intended to give useful hints how to stay mentally healthy and how to detect whether co-workers or family members suffer from anxieties and/or clinical depression.



” The suggested remedies for Depression are helpful”;

” Good use of humor to lighten up the talk” –

“A lot of relevant examples”

“Thank You!”