SIM Psych Week 2013 – Hypnosis Demonstrations!

Clinical Hypnosis – Stage Hypnosis!

This was the second time that  SIM’s Psych Society asked me to do a live demonstration for their psychology students.

This unique 1 1/2 hour event explains Clinical Hypnosis with Stage Hypnosis elements. Stage hypnosis is a fascinating form of entertainment and has a lot in common with a one on one clinical hypnotherapy session. Both the clinical hypnotist and the stage hypnotist rely on the power of trance, suggestions and the participant’s ability to concentrate and to relax. This unique and fun filled seminar definitely dispelled misconceptions and offered insight into the world of clinical hypnosis.

“Magic Hands”                                                                                                                                            


“Hypnotic Mood – Count no sheep  – Sleep!”

“Dear Dr. Wolff

On behalf of SIM Psychology Society, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your insightful sharing on Hypnotherapy at SIM Psychology Society’s Psych Week 2013. Psych Week 2013 is part of the society’s annual initiative to introduce various topics and areas of psychology to students who are currently studying or are interested in Psychology. Year after year, it is speakers like yourself which really inspired our students and I would really like to thank you for it. The talk was really interesting, exciting and engaging, providing many of our participants a much better understanding of what is hypnotherapy.  Regards

President – SIM Psychology Society”

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