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NLB Marine Parade – ‘Knowing me – knowing You’!

June 30, 2013

MJ 26 June NLB Marine  crop 1

26 June 2013

Emotional & Social Intelligence

All the  participant enjoyed this humorous and interactive public 1 1/2 hr workshop about Emotional and Social Intelligence. They learned that one of the most important factors in staying mentally well is their ‘Self and Other Awareness’ . They experienced how to become aware of one self and the others (see photo: Participants have to tell the other person: “What do I think about myself?”). Being self and others aware means ‘knowing yourself and knowing others’. Self awareness and other awareness builds self esteem and confidence.

Although many people have strong intellectual capabilities (IQ), they struggle to master social skills because they lack emotional and social intelligence. They simply can’t get along with others. The participants recognized that both Emotional and Social Intelligence is necessary to interact well with people around us.


“I’m looking forward to more of these mental wellbeing workshops”