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1 Million KG Challenge at DBS

May 21, 2014


Hilarious Lunch Talk with our Dr Wolff at DBS.

All participants left with a happy feeling and the knowledge that being overweight is dangerous to their health. Most of them have  committed already to the 3 year weight loss challenge.


Can You spot a Liar? 2nd run at SIM! Full house!

May 18, 2014

SIM Membership Activities 17 May 2014

Can you tell when a person is lying? If not – then book this course for your organization now!

Dr Wolff von Auer introduced the art of lie spotting to the participants who greatly enjoyed this 3 hours event. Image



CHH’s Ads

May 18, 2014



Taming Tension – Tips for Managing (Work) Stress

March 29, 2014

Lunch talk at MBC  (28.03.2014) with our famous Dr Wolff!

The auditorium was filled with distressed  participants, not only because the topic had a special meaning to them but also  because they all were eager to  enjoy  Singapore’s most well-known and humorous key-note speaker  Dr Wolff.

And of course .. at the end of this interactive lunch talk all participants were relaxed and felt wonderful.



go healthy 28.3.14 new

Let’s breathe away our stress!










At the end of this unusual lunch talk – all participants were standing at the “relaxed side”of the room!




Obsessions and Compulsions

February 18, 2014


Are you a Prisoner of your own disturbing thoughts?



Just Relax and Smile (Relax-work-shop)

August 25, 2013

23 August 2013

Breathe and laugh your Stress away!


Most of the over 80 People’s Association Employees came to this “Relax- Shop” as they need solutions to their STRESS. They wanted tips and techniques to help them cope with their stressful work-and family related situations. They all were aware that Stress can be the driving force that keeps them on their feet and ensures they push themselves to be the best they can be (positive short term stress). However, if they have too much stress it can drive them into physical, mental and emotional problems (negative long term stress). Therefore we all need to strike the right work- life balance.

By taking control of our work-life balance. Give ourselves the time to do the things that are most important to us – we also call these things: Stress Busters. Stress busters are coping techniques which we can take to change ourselves or stressful situations.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

During the 1 1/2hrs event we practiced Abdominal Breathing & Progressive Muscle Relaxation. These Stress Busters are useful because they can reduce the discomfort with a stressful situation.


In addition we not only talked about the health benefits of Humour but also actively practiced smiling & laugher together.



Studies so far have shown that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, increase immunity and reduces the level of stress hormones. It goes without saying that all participants enjoyed the humorous, fun-filled workshop and that they left the event extremely relaxed and happy!


Interested in such a humorous interactive, experiential workshop? Approach us!

Republic Polytechnic 12. July 2013

July 14, 2013

Although it was a Friday evening, more participants showed up than anticipated and registered! This already proves how determined most of them are to lose weight and to become healthier. A common theme was: I want to lose weight in order to look good and to feel good. One young lady has fixed her wedding date for next year August already -that’s why she wants to look sexy, healthy and sporty for her future hubby on that important date (lady in pink). Her mother joined her and is using this programme to also improve her health. One lady’s motivation is to dance like a ballerina and also to have the weight of a ballerina- and I believe she will achieve her goals!

rep poly 12.7 2_one lucky man

These ladies (below) let the man solve the puzzle while they enjoy the humorous atmosphere of the mental wellbeing workshop. It goes without saying that the husband(with glasses) had to “voluntarily” join this course because his wife (next to him) decided – it would be good for  him!

rep poly 12.7. 4_power women and a man

 Another group of participants who were laughing a lot and sharing their experiences of fighting surplus pounds!rep poly 12.7 3_7 stars

                                                                                                            View from behind……

rep poly 12.7_back image and trainer

Optimism can be learned!

April 11, 2013

Interactive Mental Well-Being Talks like  ‘Learning Optimism to Manage Change’ can be great fun with the right keynote speaker!NEA 19 oct 12

Hence “Dr Wolff” ’will make the audience seeing the “lighter” side of a healthy (work) life.

He’ll prove to them that everyone can choose to become an optimist. He also makes people understand that Optimism plays an important role in keeping the brain healthy and vital too. He is able to convince his audience that being optimistic, staying positive helps to overcome challenges and to fight mental un-wellness (e.g. mood disorders).

Clients and Audiences love his humorous way!!!

activity NEA

“Your humor was clean, good- natured, and very, very funny… Your ability to drive home significant points on mental health made our lunch talk a big success! and we all had the last laugh!”     “Great inspiring talk”


April 11, 2013

Clinical Depression 

Dr Wolff, SAC Registered Counselor & Certified Hypnotherapist has dedicated a great deal of his professional life to support individuals in their fight with clinical depression. Bringing his sense of humor and experience together, he takes his audience on a roller coaster of laughter, painful truth and ultimately hope.


[Lunch Talk at STMicroelectronics]

Understanding Depression & Anxiety

This interactive talk (1 hr 15 Min) gives an idea how to detect and prevent mood disorders. Clinical Depression is one of the most common health conditions in Singapore.Thus the audience has to become aware that Depression isn’t a character flaw, nor is it something that one simply can escape from. They will learn that clinical Depression is a medical illness that involves the mind and body. They will understand that it affects how people think and behave, and that it can cause a variety of emotional and physical problems.

The participants will also become aware that people may not be able to go about their usual daily activities (and that they do not pretend to be unable). They will understand that clinical Depression and anxiety make them feel as if life just isn’t worth living anymore.

This interactive talk is intended to give useful hints how to stay mentally healthy and how to detect whether co-workers or family members suffer from anxieties and/or clinical depression.



” The suggested remedies for Depression are helpful”;

” Good use of humor to lighten up the talk” –

“A lot of relevant examples”

“Thank You!”

Singapore Boys’ Home – a tough environment for those people who work there!

April 9, 2013

In a difficult and stressful environment like the Boys’ Homestaff members must particularly take care of their mental and emotional well-being.

I was pleasantly surprised how “relaxed” the participating security officers and staff were. They enjoyed the event especially the breathing section. (March 20)


This is what they had to say about the talk: Cultivating a healthy Mind

“I liked the practical health tips

“Positive thinking: Helps to change perception…”

“This presentation is lively, refreshing and entertaining”

“Dr Wolff is very confident, humorous, polished and knowledgeable in this field. Excellent work. Thank you!”