Bipolar Disorder – Get help!

December 21, 2013

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Malingering and Deception

August 27, 2013

Health Professionals!  Here is an exciting workshop for you!

First read this:


deceit and dishonesty ehealth 1deceit and dishonesty ehealth 2.jpeg


The objective of this workshop is (1) to introduce some of the reasons why clients might be deceptive. (2) To examine some of the methods employed by clients to deceive the health professional and (3) to introduce techniques for the possible detection of malingering and other forms of lying in therapy. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants (7 hrs)


Just Relax and Smile (Relax-work-shop)

August 25, 2013

23 August 2013

Breathe and laugh your Stress away!


Most of the over 80 People’s Association Employees came to this “Relax- Shop” as they need solutions to their STRESS. They wanted tips and techniques to help them cope with their stressful work-and family related situations. They all were aware that Stress can be the driving force that keeps them on their feet and ensures they push themselves to be the best they can be (positive short term stress). However, if they have too much stress it can drive them into physical, mental and emotional problems (negative long term stress). Therefore we all need to strike the right work- life balance.

By taking control of our work-life balance. Give ourselves the time to do the things that are most important to us – we also call these things: Stress Busters. Stress busters are coping techniques which we can take to change ourselves or stressful situations.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

During the 1 1/2hrs event we practiced Abdominal Breathing & Progressive Muscle Relaxation. These Stress Busters are useful because they can reduce the discomfort with a stressful situation.


In addition we not only talked about the health benefits of Humour but also actively practiced smiling & laugher together.



Studies so far have shown that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, increase immunity and reduces the level of stress hormones. It goes without saying that all participants enjoyed the humorous, fun-filled workshop and that they left the event extremely relaxed and happy!


Interested in such a humorous interactive, experiential workshop? Approach us!

Republic Polytechnic 12. July 2013

July 14, 2013

Although it was a Friday evening, more participants showed up than anticipated and registered! This already proves how determined most of them are to lose weight and to become healthier. A common theme was: I want to lose weight in order to look good and to feel good. One young lady has fixed her wedding date for next year August already -that’s why she wants to look sexy, healthy and sporty for her future hubby on that important date (lady in pink). Her mother joined her and is using this programme to also improve her health. One lady’s motivation is to dance like a ballerina and also to have the weight of a ballerina- and I believe she will achieve her goals!

rep poly 12.7 2_one lucky man

These ladies (below) let the man solve the puzzle while they enjoy the humorous atmosphere of the mental wellbeing workshop. It goes without saying that the husband(with glasses) had to “voluntarily” join this course because his wife (next to him) decided – it would be good for  him!

rep poly 12.7. 4_power women and a man

 Another group of participants who were laughing a lot and sharing their experiences of fighting surplus pounds!rep poly 12.7 3_7 stars

                                                                                                            View from behind……

rep poly 12.7_back image and trainer

Motivation & Goal Setting

July 12, 2013

LTW 5 Bukit Panjang CC

Almost 40 people showed up. All have at least one goal in mind: to lose at least 3 kg until the end of September (short term goal) and  starting a physical activity regime (e.g. 2 -3 times jogging 2 km  a week). As a long term goal  almost everybody wants to shed more pounds (the most ambitious participant intends to lose 20 kg within 1 year), become more energetic and know, what and how to eat in order to stay healthy.

bukit panjang 11.7. 13 1 bukit panjang 11.7.13  2

Despite the extremely small venue we had a lot of fun!



Goal Setting – LTW 5 Republic Polytechnic

July 11, 2013

rep poly 10.7. 1 (5) 

Another successful  run of  this Mental Wellbeing Workshop!

All participants enjoyed the 2 hour event. They all have the aim to lose some unnecessary pounds. However most of the participants were not aware that their goals are too ambitious  and too vague. Most often heard statement is: “I want to lose weight and become healthier”. But most participants did not have a concrete plan (how many pounds? when = in what time frame? what activities?  etc. )  to achieve their goals. Thus they learned about outcome and process goals and  in particular about the  importance of the latter.

Our Motivator David  who has changed his shape from a “fat boy” to a handsome fit man within 2 years, explained his steps how he achieved his goal of losing so much weight. In order to maintain his good shape he is exercising every day now, eats healthy but well-balanced food, and enjoys life . The participants learned a valuable lesson: Everybody can do it! What you need is stamina, determination, discipline, willpower and a social network which supports you in achieving your dream.

David LTW 10

At the end of this humorous and easy-going workshop all participants had re-visited their weight loss goals and what steps to use in order to be successful.

LTW5 North Zone: Republic Polytechnic

July 10, 2013

Motivation and Goals

This Mental Wellbeing Workshop attracted many determined Participants.

They all are eager  to lose at least 3 kg until end of September, do 2 to 3 times exercise per week and watch their food intake.  These aims are achievable when applying SMART goals (S= Specific, M=Measurable, A= Attainable, R= Relevant, T= Timely). Participants also had a chance to reflect about their motivations to lose weight and to think of a an image ( example: photo of the future husband) ,a  statement ( e.g. Yes I can) or a quote ( healthy mind – healthy body) which can be reminders of their motivation. The participants enjoyed the humorous atmosphere and the many competitive activities during the workshop.

north poly 1 (1) north poly 1 (2) north poly 1 (3) north poly 1 (4) north poly 1 (5) north poly 1 (7)



Lose to Win 5 – Bukit Panjang West Zone

July 9, 2013


                                              bukit panjang 8.7.13 7



Finally after the hazardous haze has disappeared this exciting Mental Wellbeing Workshop ‘ could take place!  And it started with a Bang! The participants were fantastic: they were very competitive during the group activities and enjoyed the coach’s humour.bukit panjang 8.7.13 1


I’m sure most of the participants have picked up some ideas on how to set realistic goals in their pursuit to a better health.  They were briefly introduced to the concept of mental wellbeing and how it is relevant  to their goal of losing weight or becoming fitter. They also learned to appreciate the idea of the right motivation and how to up keep this motivation.

bulit panjang 8.7.13 5


Yes Motivation energises us – and keeps us going! Most importantly all participants had to reflect on their short and long term goals and what they want to achieve at the end of this LTW 5 programme by being ‘SMART’.

bukit panjang 8.7.13 6           bukit panjang 8.7. 13 5

NLB Marine Parade – ‘Knowing me – knowing You’!

June 30, 2013

MJ 26 June NLB Marine  crop 1

26 June 2013

Emotional & Social Intelligence

All the  participant enjoyed this humorous and interactive public 1 1/2 hr workshop about Emotional and Social Intelligence. They learned that one of the most important factors in staying mentally well is their ‘Self and Other Awareness’ . They experienced how to become aware of one self and the others (see photo: Participants have to tell the other person: “What do I think about myself?”). Being self and others aware means ‘knowing yourself and knowing others’. Self awareness and other awareness builds self esteem and confidence.

Although many people have strong intellectual capabilities (IQ), they struggle to master social skills because they lack emotional and social intelligence. They simply can’t get along with others. The participants recognized that both Emotional and Social Intelligence is necessary to interact well with people around us.


“I’m looking forward to more of these mental wellbeing workshops”

Deception Detection – Unveiling the Truth!

April 18, 2013

Extremely popular workshop!

Become a human Lie Detector!

You will probably be a little mechanic when you first try out the techniques I’m teaching. After a while, though, you’ll find yourself sensitized to the signals of deception and stress. Your new skill will help you to become a better lie detector. In particular on a non-verbal level,you will pick up that a person is too slick, is too glossy, and therefore must be hiding something. Alarm bells will go off in your head that signal “Lie, Lie Lie”!  And with this knowledge you will uncover the truth!

“Dr Wolff is delightful engaging.

Importantly he has reminded me on the interpretation of human behavior”

(Prosecutor, Ministry of Manpower)


decept 1 dd august 2011

This Workshop is also available as an In-house Training Course

Call: (+65) 81822 637


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