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Facial Expressions and Non-Verbal Behaviors of World Leaders

September 14, 2014

What do they feel right now?

Learn to read people’s true emotions. Understanding facial expressions and their meaning is an important part of our communication.

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Can you spot a liar?

April 14, 2013

Malicious lies are harmful and dangerous costly!

This workshop provides professionals with a rare opportunity to enhance their investigative skills. Missing deceptions can be extremely hurtful and costly! Participants will acquire knowledge and skills on how to get behind the mask of deception and unveil the truth.

With some hours of training, people can drastically improve their lie-detection skills, conceivably raising their overall rate to nearly 70 to 80%!

Nonverbal  behavioral mistakes are made during the act of lying, which is why these lies fail! We call these mistakes ‘deception clues or leakages’. They maybe shown in a change of facial expression, a slight movement of the body, a change in tone of voice,  a visible swallowing,  a long pause, a micro facial expression, or a unusual gesture.


 The face is the main screen for the display of emotions. When we lie, we often cannot do much to prevent the underlying felt emotion (e.g. shame, guilt, fear) from revealing itself subconsciously. Facial expressions occur voluntarily and involuntarily– therefore lying and telling the truth happens often at the same time. We of course look at the latter ones: Liars often don’t realize how obvious their real feelings leak out.


In addition every individual

has Micro-Expressions (=brief involuntary facial expressions shown on the face). They occur when people repress or conceal their emotions. Nobody can fake micro expressions– but everybody can learn to recognize them.

Liars mostly rehearse their words and not their body positions.We are seldom aware that our entire bodies reveal, mostly subconsciously, thousands of  subtle cues that contradict our spoken words. To a trained person, these subconscious leaks provide a gold mine of information about the liar and ultimately lead to the truth.


“An eye-opener to the art of deception. It won’t be easy to deceive me now. A brilliant and useful programme”.

[…Legal Counsel, National Environment Agency]

“Thank you for this workshop because it enabled me to pick up the non-verbal clues during my investigative work to ascertain if my accused is lying”.

[…ProvostOfficer, Singapore Prison Service]

“Dr Wolff is delightful engaging, importantly he has reminded me on the interpretations of human behaviors”.

[…Prosecutor, Ministry of Manpower]

About The Trainer

Dr Wolff’s training in Psychotherapy and Ericksonian Approaches to Clinical Hypnosis taught him how to observe people’s eye movements, facial expressions, and body postures to discover their inner motivation and resistance. In addition – as a previous legally trained person – his approach includes adopting the Reid Technique of Advanced Interrogation & WZ Interview and Interrogation techniques to decode verbal and nonverbal in-congruence.

Also as an in-house course available: (+65) 818 22 637