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Mental Health and Humour

February 18, 2014

EzyHealth issue:  February 2014

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Humor at Work!!!

April 12, 2013

Enhance Profitability and Creativity with Humor at Work!

“When people at work get close to the edge, a humorous remark can make the difference between an office full of friends and / or a workplace full of enemies”


Why has humor become a recognized asset in the workplace? Because Humor facilitates communication, builds relationships, provides perspectives, promotes a healthy climate in the office and reduces stress.

According to Statistics’ estimates, lost work time due to stress related ailments costs employers $ billions a year. This is time lost resulting from absenteeism, lost productivity, disability claims and inadequate customer service.

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To manage this growing problem, many companies/organisations are implementing workplace wellness programs. While many traditional programs have emerged, humor is an innovative approach. After incorporating humor into work, private and public companies experienced a 21% decrease in staff turnover and a 38% decrease in Friday absenteeism.

Using humor has the added benefits of enhancing rapport and building creative teams. It is also perceived by employees as a form of reward and recognition.