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Mental Health and Humour

February 18, 2014

EzyHealth issue:  February 2014

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Optimism can be learned!

April 11, 2013

Interactive Mental Well-Being Talks like  ‘Learning Optimism to Manage Change’ can be great fun with the right keynote speaker!NEA 19 oct 12

Hence “Dr Wolff” ’will make the audience seeing the “lighter” side of a healthy (work) life.

He’ll prove to them that everyone can choose to become an optimist. He also makes people understand that Optimism plays an important role in keeping the brain healthy and vital too. He is able to convince his audience that being optimistic, staying positive helps to overcome challenges and to fight mental un-wellness (e.g. mood disorders).

Clients and Audiences love his humorous way!!!

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“Your humor was clean, good- natured, and very, very funny… Your ability to drive home significant points on mental health made our lunch talk a big success! and we all had the last laugh!”     “Great inspiring talk”


April 11, 2013

Clinical Depression 

Dr Wolff, SAC Registered Counselor & Certified Hypnotherapist has dedicated a great deal of his professional life to support individuals in their fight with clinical depression. Bringing his sense of humor and experience together, he takes his audience on a roller coaster of laughter, painful truth and ultimately hope.


[Lunch Talk at STMicroelectronics]

Understanding Depression & Anxiety

This interactive talk (1 hr 15 Min) gives an idea how to detect and prevent mood disorders. Clinical Depression is one of the most common health conditions in Singapore.Thus the audience has to become aware that Depression isn’t a character flaw, nor is it something that one simply can escape from. They will learn that clinical Depression is a medical illness that involves the mind and body. They will understand that it affects how people think and behave, and that it can cause a variety of emotional and physical problems.

The participants will also become aware that people may not be able to go about their usual daily activities (and that they do not pretend to be unable). They will understand that clinical Depression and anxiety make them feel as if life just isn’t worth living anymore.

This interactive talk is intended to give useful hints how to stay mentally healthy and how to detect whether co-workers or family members suffer from anxieties and/or clinical depression.



” The suggested remedies for Depression are helpful”;

” Good use of humor to lighten up the talk” –

“A lot of relevant examples”

“Thank You!”